Friday, May 4, 2012


We headed over to the Mansion, a renovated restaurant near old town Melbourne. They have 60ish beers on tap, which is unheard of in my hometown. I was happy To find Tangerine Wheat, from Lost Coast, I believe. Yummy. I rarely see this on draft. I suggested a Kona Brewing Koko Brown (coconutty) for my friend. She didn't appreciate it because it still tastes like beer. Ha. So, I has to finish it. Sigh. Kidding. I love that stuff. My friend suggested the chicken tortilla salad. It was tasty.

Saturday - a gift from my friend Sage, a Cigar City Brewing Maduro Brown from Tampa. Not bad. I love unfiltered beers.

Tuesday we hit a local Cuban Restaurant. El Ambia Cubano. I enjoyed the tostones, yucca and mass de puerco fritas.

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