Saturday, May 26, 2012

Week of 5/20

Traveled up to Seattle this week.  When in Seattle and near the airport, I like to hit up La Estacion.  It's a great little Taqueria.  I enjoy the guayava dulce (guava candy) and then I hit the huarache, and I hit it hard.  It is a corn cake / tortilla bed, beans, I chose carnitas, lettuce, cheese, SC, etc.  So tasty but massive.  I could only eat half. Their red and green salsa are also delish and muy caliente!

While in Yakima, we hit the local Safeway for some "groceries".  I was so excited to find these bombers.  I have had Irish Death before.  Good stuff.  The High Five Hefe is made with ginger and honey.  Yes, please.  The Stumptown Tart is brewed with marionberries, strawberries and raspberries.  The Rogue Mom is a hefe brewed with rose petals. 

The Bevmo tasting tonight was not too exciting.  I liked the Julian Cherry Bomb the most (tart cherries).  We also tried the original Julian Cider, Pyramids summer seasonal, Curve Ball (a blond) also good, Mendocinos summer seasonal, Bock, Speckled Hen and Verloren from Sam Adams. 

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